District Staff

The District Committee
The District Committee is comprised of volunteers from all over the geographic area the district serves. The district serves four functions and each function helps the other three with their mission. It is important that all functions work together towards the common goal.

District Key 3
Responsible for the overall operation of the district and its purpose.

District Chairman –

The job of the District Chairman is to preside over the district committee and be responsible for carrying out the four functions of the district: Membership, Finance, Program and Unit Service.

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District Commissioner –

The job of the District Commissioner is the quality control officer who recruits, trains and leads a staff of commissioners who coach adult leaders of every unit to succeed. The District Commissioner is responsible for the unit service function of the district.

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District Executive –

The District Executive is the full-time professional assigned to guide the District and its top leadership in the overall functions of the district. The District Executive serves under the direction of the Council Scout Executive.