District Committee

Highlander District Committee

The district committee is comprised of community resources to support your unit. These leaders from the district ensure that Highlander is able to provide key resources and important programs to our Scouts and Leaders.

Chartering Organization Representatives are automatically members of the District Committee and are encouraged to attend our monthly committee meetings. All other members of the committee are elected yearly.

If you need assistance with any service listed here, you should contact the volunteer that supports that service first.

The committee meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7pm at Manna Church – 5117 Cliffdale Rd; Fayetteville, NC 28314

  • District Chairman: Wayne Anstead
    • The district chair is responsible for the successful operation of all the committees of the district. He provides leadership to the committee chairs and ensures full, functioning committees.
  • Vice Chairmen: Tom Butler, Ralph Hinrichs, Kris Zeek
    • The job of the District Vice-Chairman is to aid the District Chairman in carrying out the four functions of the district: Finance, Membership, Unit Service and Program.
  • Program Chair: Art Bisbee
    • The job of the District Program Chair is to recruit volunteers & lead the team in the four functions of the Program Committee: Activities, Advancement, Outdoor Program, and Training.
  • Camping & Outdoors Chair: Vacant
    • In addition to promoting camping programs, the camping committee also tracks trends in summer camp attendance and provides input into the operation of the summer camping facilities.
  • Order of the Arrow Advisor: Joe Hernandez
    • The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s national honor society. The chapter advisor serves as the mentor, coach, and trainer of the officers of Mimahuk Chapter.
  • Venturing Officer’s Association Advisor: Vacant
    • The purpose of the Association shall be to provide a forum for the youth leadership of the Venturing Crews and Sea Ships, to provide Venturing and Sea Scout programs support through the district officers, to promote Venturing and Ships and their programs.
  • Membership & Marketing Chair: Kim Johnson
    • The job of the District Membership Chairman is to lead the district’s membership team charged with recruiting new youth into the scouting program, developing more opportunities for youth to join the program, and working with the other district operating committees to ensure the structure is in place to accommodate our growth.
  • Advancement Chair: Penny Schulken
    • The district advancement program provides youth and adults the knowledge and skills necessary to have a great unit advancement program. We counsel and train leadership on record keeping, merit badge counseling techniques, and the requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout.
  • Eagle Scout Coordinator: Curt Beck
    • The Eagle Scout Rank is Scouting’s highest rank. Achieving this high honor can be a daunting journey. Our district Eagle Coordinator helps Eagle Scout candidates to meet the changes that they face along the way.
  • Training Chair:  Ralph Vogt
    • Training courses are developed to provide all levels of knowledge for unit operations. This ranges from the youth member who has been elected a patrol leader for the first time to the Scoutmaster with 20 years of experience. Training is essential! By learning the best practices for your position, you will become a better leader!
  • Activities and Civic Services Chair: Jessica Uricchio
    • The district helps units to coordinate events and activities. In addition to having district-sponsored events, we also encourage units to sponsor their own events and invite units from around the district to participate.
  • Finance Chair: Jessica Uricchio
    • The Finance Committee is responsible for raising funds to build, improve and operate camps, to maintain a professional staff, and to provide training and other services to units throughout the District.
  • Friends of Scouting Chairman: Vacant
    • The job of the District Friends of Scouting Chairman is to lead and manage the District Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign and successfully reach the goal
  • Religious Emblems Coordinator: Elizabeth Johnston
    • Helps unit religious emblems coordinators recruit presenters to make presentations on religious emblems, including clergy of chartered organizations, unit leaders who promote religious emblems, chaplains, etc.
  • District Popcorn Kernel:
    • The job of the District Popcorn Kernel (Chairman) is to organize, manage and lead the district’s annual popcorn campaign with the help of unit kernels.
  • Nominating Committee Chair: Kim Johnson
    • The job of the District Nominating Committee Chairman is to lead the district nominating committee in their search for qualified district leadership.
  • District Webmaster: Kris Zeek
    • The job of the District Webmaster is to regularly maintain the district website and to help the District Staff to effectively use the technology resources available to them.
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