1,001 Starry Nights Challenge


Highlander District wants to achieve greatness in 2016!  Part of our greatness will be in the nights our Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing Scouts, and Sea Scouts spend in the great outdoors camping under the stars!  (Cabins do not count!)

The challenge is to reach 1,001 Starry Nights camped by Highlander District Scouts and Scout Leaders!  Each month we ask our Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Crew Advisors, and Ship Skippers to report on nights camped by Scouts and Scout Leaders (only registered Scouts and Scout Leaders).

We will add a shiny new star for each night camped!  Example:  Troop 123 had 10 Scouts and 2 Registers Adult Leaders camp 2 nights in January (10 Scouts + 2 Adults x 2 nights) equals 24 bright new stars on our night sky!

Can we do this?  Can we reach 1,001 Starry Nights?  Only time will tell!  Help us rise to the challenge and meet our goal of 1,001 Starry Nights!

Printable Flyer: 1,001 Starry Nights

Click here to record your Starry Nights!