Ethan Giving Tree

The Occoneechee Scout Shop is providing an opportunity for the Scouting community to help local Scout members who may be in need of uniforms and uniform items.

This help will be done through The Ethan Giving Tree program starting November 17 through December 20, 2017. The Ethan Giving Tree program works on a donation basis. An Ethan tree (similar to an Angel tree) will be set up at the Scout Shop with Ethan cards on it. Each card will have the first name of the Scout along with the uniform items that they need. There will also be a space for other items they may want such as books, crafts, camping items, etc. Customers and Scout supporters can purchase the item(s) in their local Scout Shop and give them to the store staff to collect for each child.

We will keep the name of the individual(s) confidential. Only the store staff will have access to the Scout’s name and your contact information. A code will be issued that will match a card in the safe that will have your contact information, so as the donations are collected store staff will contact you so arrangements for pickup can be made.

We need your assistance to make this project a success. Please fill out the information below and return to the store by November 16, 2017 for every scout who would benefit from donations from the Scouting community to complete their full uniform.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact the store staff by email: .

Thank you in advance for your assistance. With leaders like you, this program will greatly benefit our Scouting community.

Youth’s Name _________________ Code/Number: ________ (For Scout Shop Only)

Leader’s Name __________________________________   Phone # _____________

Troop, Pack, or Crew # ___________________________________  Rank ______________

Items that would benefit the Scout:

Shirt: Size ______                                       Neckerchief __________

Pant: Size ______                                        Slide ________________

Cap: Size: ______                                        Socks: Size ____________

Belt: Size ______                                         Insignia ______________

Belt Buckle ______                                      Other Items ____________

Book ___________

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Thank you, Occoneechee Scout Shop Staff